Detachable Towbars

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Detachable Style Towbars

Detachable Towbar Advantages

Most desired type of towbar due to the option of the neck being easily detached from the vehicle when not in use, making it invisible.

Does not affect parking sensors whatsoever.

Electrics can be hidden behind the bumper, un-affecting the appearance of the vehicle.

Compatible with Alko style stabilisers.

Detachable Towbar Disadvantages

Most expensive type of towbar

With detachable style towbars there are only a certain range of cycle carriers that are compatible.

Most accessories cannot be bolted on i.e. bumper guards.

detachable tow bar
Detachable Towbar

How to Remove a Detachable Towbar Neck

Installing and removing the neck of a detachable towbar is quick and simple, in just a few moves:

To install

  • Remove the cap from the receiver
  • Place the neck into position and push in until it locks automatically
  • Insert the key and turn anti-clockwise towards yourself to secure against theft

To remove

  • Inset the key, turn clockwise to unlock
  • Push the locking handle inwards and turn clockwise
  • At the same time and with the other hand, pull the neck away (it might need wiggling as you pull the neck out, especially if new)
  • Place the bung/cap back into the receiver.

We also supply and fit flange style towbars and swan neck style towbars – Read about the different characteristics for each towbar.

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